Finding Roots

Chinese calligraphy is famous for being a form of art that can be highly expressive and, very often, revealing about a calligrapher’s character.

Anonymous, An excerpt from the Book of Rites (元人節書曲禮四語)
Yuan Dynasty ( 1271-1368), National Palace Museum, Taipei.


My encounter with Chinese calligraphy began when I was little, a time when calligraphy class was still part of the school curriculum in Taiwan. Back then, writing on paper with ink and brush didn’t appeal to me much, as it seemed that I tended to draw not write. Overtime, I slowly became attracted to the vivid contrast of ink on paper and, most importantly, the spontaneity of brushstrokes found among cursive scripts. I always ask myself: will I ever write as confidently and beautifully as those old masters?

As much as I appreciate the privilege of having one of the most difficult languages as my mother tongue, I can never seem to get rid of this cultural baggage that hunts me every now and then when I look for a new theme to develop my jewellery collection. Now, I am proud to announce that my first line of jewellery inspired by Chinese calligraphy is (finally!) in progress:


Rather than just copying the characters, my aim was to build a three dimensional character of choice that interacts with the wearer’s body. The photo above shows my attempts in trying to interpret my family name using coloured wire. I am now finalising the design in Matrix 3D and look forward to develop two more pieces that match this ring before 2016 ends!



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